Don't Let Your Tyres Fail Your MOT!

24th March 2017

The DVSA state that in 2014/5 a huge 10% of MOT test fails were due to issues with tyres! Fortunately, you can easily identify and avoid tyre related faults with this helpful guide from The Tyre Group to make sure that you pass your next MOT test!

Are Your Tyres Right For Your Vehicle?

It is vital that you fit the correct tyres for your vehicle, not only will incorrect tyres cause an MOT test fail but they also pose significant dangers for motorists.

If you have recently suffered tyre damage and changed your tyre to a space saver tyre, it is essential that you have it replaced before your MOT test. Space saver, or lightweight tyres, are designed to get you safely to a tyre specialist following damage and they are not intended for prolonged use. If you have fitted a space saver tyre recently, you must have it replaced as soon as possible.

Tyres that are the wrong size for your vehicle will also cause an MOT fail. The correct tyre size for your vehicle will be specified in the vehicle handbook and you should ensure that the tyres you are using match this specification. Check this easily by comparing the size of your tyre printed on your sidewall to the size stated in your handbook. Alternatively, you can visit your local Tyre Group branch where our tyre specialists will be able to check for you.

Check Your Tread

Worn tyres are extremely dangerous on the road as they are less effective in wet conditions and will result in longer braking distances on wet and dry roads. For this reason The Tyre Group would recommend replacing your tyres when tread drops below 3mm.

The legal limit for tyre tread is 1.6mm and if your tyre tread is lower than this point you will fail your MOT test. In addition, if you are caught driving on tyres with tread lower than 1.6mm you could face a fine of £2,500 per tyre!

Check your tyre tread before your MOT test to ensure that you have sufficient tread and make sure that you replace your tyres if not.

Ensure Your Tyre Pressure is Correct

Checking your tyre pressure is an easy task and should be undertaken every three weeks. Under inflated tyres have an uneven contact patch which means that your gripping capabilities are significantly affected.

Visit a local garage or service station to check that your tyre pressures meet manufacturer specifications.

Inspect Your Tyres For Damage

The condition of your tyres will be checked during the MOT test and so it is important that you are confident there are no signs of damage that will cause you to fail. Damage to the tyre could indicate that the internal structure of the tyre is compromised and so it is highly dangerous to continue to drive on tyres that do exhibit any signs of cuts, tears, lumps, bulges or cracking.

Visually inspect your tyres and ensure that you make an appointment with a tyre specialist if you notice any signs of concern. Familiarise yourself with warning signs to be aware of with our helpful tyre condition guide.

If you have any concerns that your tyres are unsafe or will cause your vehicle to fail its MOT test, you should replace them as soon as possible. Alternatively, make an appointment with a tyre specialist for further guidance on tyre safety.

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