Summer Tyres

When deciding between summer tyres all season tyres, the differences between the two types can be easily misunderstood. Some drivers may find that one set of all season tyres will suit for year-round use, while others will benefit from a dedicated set of summer and winter tyres.

To find out which tyres are right for your car, you should consider the seasonal conditions in your area, your driving style and your vehicle performance preferences.

What Are Summer Tyres?

Summer tyres, known as regular tyres until the seasonal release of the winter tyre, are designed for use in temperatures above 7°c. The soft compound used in the construction of these tyres makes them ideal for use in warmer temperatures.

Surprising to some, summer tyres offer better performance in wet driving conditions than other tyres. This is thanks to the unique tread patterns that help evacuate water and resist hydroplaning. So in comparison to an all season tyre, a summer tyre will offer inadequate snow traction, but for the same reason it provides brilliant damp-road traction.

Summer tyres are ideal for high performance vehicles as they are built for speed and agility. As they are designed specifically for spring/summer conditions they offer increased responsiveness, cornering and braking capabilities. Along with the specialist compound, specialised tread patterns help to improve driving precision. A summer tyre usually has less grooving, to maximise the amount of rubber in contact with the road and increased road holding and grip.

The Benefits of using Summer tyres. Buy Summer tyres online from The Tyre Group

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It is important to remember, there is no tyre industry standard to govern summer tyre classification. Tyre manufacturers make their own assessments, and those assessments can drastically vary between manufacturers.

If summer tyres don't sound right for you, instead consider purchasing all season or winter tyres for your vehicle.

Find out more about the summer tyres available from leading tyre manufacturers at The Tyre Group. Alternatively find your nearest Tyre Group branch and contact our tyre fitting experts with any questions you might have.

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