What’s the Difference Between Summer and All Season Tyres?

31st May 2017

Owning dedicated seasonal tyres have many advantages including higher levels of safety and performance in all weather conditions. Many motorists, however, are unsure what the difference between tyre types are and tend to use the same tyres all year round – compromising their performance on the road! Take a look at our helpful guide to find out the difference between summer and all season tyres and decide what the best option for you is.

What are Summer Tyres?

Summer tyres are tyres that have been constructed to offer an optimal performance when temperatures reach over 7°c and they are usually fitted to cars as standard by the vehicle manufacturer.

They are constructed with a specialist compound that tends to be softer than that of winter or all season tyres and this allows summer tyres to provide higher gripping capabilities. When temperatures drop this compound can stiffen, making them less flexible and less effective in colder winter weather.

Summer tyres are also designed with a specialist tread pattern which is optimised to evacuate water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning and to provide an enhanced road-holding performance.

What are All Season Tyres?

All season tyres are designed to provide a satisfactory performance all year round as they are constructed for safety in all weather conditions, however, they will not excel in either hot or cold conditions.

Due to their versatility, all season tyres are ideal for motorists who do not have the storage space to rotate between summer and winter tyres. If you do not wish to switch between dedicated seasonal tyres, all season tyres are a sensible choice as they are safer than using summer tyres in winter conditions or vice versa.

All season tyres are constructed using a compound that will remain supple at low temperatures, meaning they cannot provide the high levels of cornering grip, braking ability and steering precision that you could expect from summer tyres. They also feature a tread pattern design with a greater amount of sipes and grooves than you would find on summer tyres so that they can offer a safe performance on snow and ice covered surfaces.

Should I Choose Summer or All Season Tyres?

When it comes to choosing tyres we cannot say either summer or all season tyres are ‘better’ as it all depends on what you expect from your tyres!

If you value high performance and safety in summer conditions we would recommend fitting dedicated summer tyres to your vehicle – but only if you have the option of switching over to winter tyres when temperatures drop.

All season tyres are a safe option for motorists who do not intend to switch their tyres over along with the seasons.

The Tyre Group stock a wide range of summer and all season tyres available to buy online. Alternatively, if you require more information on summer and all season tyres contact your local Tyre Group branch where one of our tyre specialists will be happy to provide further guidance.

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