Tyre of the Month November: Continental SportContact 6

15th November 2017

Continental SportContact 6

The Continental SportContact 6 is an ultra-high performance tyre designed for sports vehicles. This tyre delivers excellent stability and control at high speed, resulting in maximum safety and performance for the most dynamic of drivers.

Founded in 1871, Continental are globally renowned for their commitment to driving safety and continuous tyre innovation.

Excellent Braking

The Continental SportContact 6 delivers short braking distances in all summer weather conditions thanks to its innovative compound. This new Micro Flexibility Compound ensures that the tyre optimally interlocks with the surface of the road and this results in better acceleration and short braking distances for enhanced driving safety.

Enhanced Stability

Constructed with a specialist inner and outer tread pattern, the Continental SportContact 6 works to provide excellent stability for superior driving control. The tyre is designed with stiff central ribs and asymmetric longitudinal grooves to stabilise the forces working on the tyre and this results in enhanced steering precision.

Improved Acceleration

The Continental SportContact 6 can rapidly accelerate to high motorway speeds thanks to Continental’s specialist Aralon350™ technology. This enhanced technology works to safely accelerate your vehicle to speeds of 350 km/h by providing controlled tyre growth and stabilising the contour of the tyre whilst keeping centrifugal forces under control.

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