Tyre of the month July – Continental Eco Contact 5

9th July 2015

For July, The Malvern Tyres Group have chosen the Continental Eco Contact 5 as their tyre of the month.


Founded in 1871, Continental were the first company in the world to produce an automobile tyre with a patterned tread. Since their beginning, Continental has strived to achieve greatness and today can claim to be a leading technology partner to the automotive industry. Take a look here at the range of Continental tyres the Malvern Tyres Group stocks.

The new Performance-Eco Tyre

Leading the way with innovation, Continental have designed an exceptional tyre with the Eco Contact 5.

  • Shorter braking distances on both wet and dry roads
  • Excellent handling in all conditions
  • Reduced rolling resistance

High braking safety

This tyre is unique in that it combines short braking distances on both wet and dry roads with low rolling resistance. Its production required a completely new approach regarding the main components of the tyre, and the specialists at Continental had to tread new ground to achieve the high level of progress found in the Eco Contact 5. Thanks to the use of optimised tread lug edges and functionalised polymer chains, the Eco Contact 5 allows for short, safe braking without impacting its low rolling resistance.

Excellent Handling

The Eco Contact 5 also delivers a high degree of confidence, as its superb handling equals exceptional control for drivers. Due to a higher apex and the use of additional bead reinforcements, this tyre is well equipped to respond to steering even on wet roads. In addition, a flat contour with optimal distribution of thread grooves means that the risk of lateral and longitudinal slip has been drastically minimised.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

The Eco Contact 5 has been designed with both fuel efficiency and the environment in mind. Due to its excellent construction, this tyre offers reduced CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption. The flat belt technology found in this tyre means that tyre deflection is lower, as is the rolling resistance. In turn, this is directly related to increased fuel economy and enhanced mileage performance, making the Eco Contact 5 an economical and environmentally friendly tyre.

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For more information about all Continental tyres we stock at the Malvern Tyres Group visit our Continental Manufacturer page here.

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