Tyre of the Month: Eco Contact 3

20th June 2019

Perfect for small and compact vehicles, this Continental tyre has been chosen June's Tyre of the Month. And with its reduced fuel consumption and low rolling resistance, it's easy to see why! Learn more about Continental's Eco Contact 3 tyre today.

A staple summer tyre that lasts

Low rolling resistance

With a shorter stopping distance, experience a tyre that you can rely on - with low rolling resistance during any weather condition. In addition, this tyre provides superior protection against aquaplaning. Whether you?re cruising on wet or dry surfaces this summer, this Continental tyre has you covered.

Excellent traction

With an asymmetrical tread design, this summer tyre provides excellent traction on wet and dry roads, as well as shorter braking distances. Excellent handling is one of this tyre's finest qualities - making it the tyre you can depend on for the whole season and beyond.

Reduced fuel consumption

This fuel-efficient tyre is the staple companion to your vehicle this summer - allowing you to seamlessly complete your journey from A to B, every time. With reduced fuel consumption, this Continental tyre also has excellent wear properties to ensure high mileage.

Interested in purchasing your own Continental Eco Contact 3 tyre? Find out more from The Tyre Group today. Alternatively, explore our full selection of Continental tyres online now.

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