Tyre of the Month November: Dunlop WinterSport M3

6th November 2016

Dunlop WinterSport M3

This November we have chosen the Dunlop WinterSport M3 as our tyre of the month. Providing a safe and comfortable drive in difficult winter weather conditions, the Dunlop WinterSport M3 is a high performance tyre that will keep you safe this winter. In addition, this tyre has been built with revolutionary RunonFlat technology to help you keep moving after suffering tyre damage on the road.

Known around the world for their commitment to technology and advancement, Dunlop have grown to become one of the most trusted tyre manufacturers around today. Dunlop winter tyres are meticulously designed to provide superior traction and grip in ice, snow and slush.

Superior Snow Traction

The Dunlop WinterSport M3 delivers enhanced levels of traction on winter surfaces thanks to an optimal amount of high density sipes situated on the tyre. These sipes provide extra grip as they open up before making contact with the road surface, enabling them to bite into the snow and ice, improving driving stability.

High Resistance against Aquaplaning

Designed with wide tyre grooves, the Dunlop WinterSport M3 works to rapidly evacuate water from the tyre tread, enabling the tyre to retain contact with the road and provide high levels of resistance against aquaplaning. This enables motorists to stay in control on difficult winter surfaces.

Enhanced Driving Performance

Thanks to its innovative directional tread pattern, the Dunlop WinterSport M3 delivers impressively short braking distances on winter roads. In addition, this tyre offers superior high speed stability due to Dunlop’s unique Hybrid Overlay Technology, which works to maintain tyre shape.

Other Benefits

  • This tyre promotes smooth and even wear for enhanced tyre life
  • A maximum flange shield helps to protect expensive alloy wheels from damage
  • RunOnFlat technology enables continued driving following a puncture or blowout for a limited period

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