Tyre of the Month July: Dunlop SP SportMaxx TT

25th July 2017

Dunlop SP SportMaxx TT

Due to its superior precision handling and excellent high sports performance, we have chosen the Dunlop SP SportMaxx TT as our tyre of the month this July. Ideal for sports cars and dynamic drivers, the Dunlop SP SportMaxx TT delivers an exciting drive.

Founded in 1888, after John Dunlop invented the pneumatic tyre, Dunlop have grown to become one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. Renowned for both their success on the racetracks of the world and innovation in tyre technology, Dunlop have a sound reputation for high performance and safety.

Enhanced Driving Precision

Engineered using Dunlop’s unique DuPont Kevlar technology, the Dunlop SP SportMaxx TT delivers excellent steering precision for high performance driving. The tyre sidewalls are reinforced with Kevlar fibre pulp which works to maintain tyre stiffness under high working temperatures to help the tyre to retain stability and precision. In addition, the Dunlop SP SportMaxx TT sports a continuous centre rib which delivers extra steering stability.

Superior Gripping Capabilities

The Dunlop SP SportMaxx TT provides enhanced levels of grip thanks to its asymmetric groove arrangement which works to maintain contact with the surface of the road in wet and dry conditions. These specialist grooves also rapidly disperse water away from the tyre tread for enhanced resistance against aquaplaning. The unique tread compound which contains motorsports derived nanoparticles further enhances grip as it has been designed to provide excellent adhesion to the road.

Excellent Handling Performance

Thanks to its superior tread design, the Dunlop SP SportMaxx TT delivers excellent handling in both wet and dry conditions as pressure is evenly distributed across the tyre. Constructed with a dual silica compound, this tyre is optimised to provide superb braking and accelerating performance and smooth handling characteristics. In addition, stiff shoulder blocks enable the Dunlop SP SportMaxx TT to retain cornering stability for enhanced safety and driver control.

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