Tyre of the Month August: Bridgestone Potenza RE050

15th August 2017

Bridgestone Potenza RE050

Thanks to its excellent high speed handling and superior gripping capabilities, we have chosen the Bridgestone Potenza RE050 as our tyre of the month this August. Ideal for sportier cars, this summer tyre provides a dynamic driving experience and high levels of safety in wet conditions.

Founded in Japan 1931 Bridgestone have grown to become one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world and they now operate in more than 60 countries. Bridgestone have developed a highly respected reputation due to their commitment to tyre research, development and innovation.

High Speed Performance

Constructed with a specialist tread pattern design featuring large rectangular shaped blocks, the Bridgestone Potenza RE050 works to retain stiffness at high speeds. This optimal tyre stiffness enables the tyre to maintain a high level of stability, resulting in precise steering and superior handling for excellent sport performance.

Exceptional Grip

The Bridgestone Potenza RE050 uses a specialist tyre compound which works to continuously adapt to changing road surfaces and conditions. This enables the tyre to provide high gripping capabilities and a smooth drive. Furthermore, an optimally designed tread minimises road noise for a quiet and comfortable driving experience.

Superior Aquaplaning Resistance

Thanks to the use of deep circumferential grooves on the tyre tread, the Bridgestone Potenza RE050 provides high levels of resistance against aquaplaning for a safer wet weather performance. The grooves work to rapidly channel water away from the tyre tread to help the tyre to maintain its grip. In addition, specialist UNI-T technology provides enhanced traction on wet surfaces.

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