Travelling this Easter?

19th March 2015

Spring has just about arrived and with Easter approaching, also comes the exciting Easter long weekend. As we've hit the first bank holiday of the year, now is as good a time as ever to hit the road for a well deserved break. But before you pack up the car and set off, take a look at our helpful hints on travelling safely in your car this Easter Bank Holiday.


It's essential to remember that the tyre pressure for your car tyres will vary depending on the load. A fully laden vehicle will require a very different tyre pressure to that of one carrying a single passenger. Before setting off on any major journeys, check your car tyre's recommended pressure. This can be found in the car manual and for ease is sometimes placed on the fuel cap or on the inside of the driver's door. Knowing you have the correct air pressure in your tyres will help to keep you and your passengers safe as well as decrease fuel consumption. Find out about the importance of tyre pressure here.

Make sure you have adequate tread depth on all of your tyres before setting off on a journey of any length. It's not just the safety of your tyres that will be affected by inadequate tyre tread, many insurance policies become void if your tyres are found to be illegal and they are the cause of an accident. Also, the Police can enforce an on the spot £250 fine and 3 penalty points for each tyre on your vehicle which is illegal. You can use the 20p test to measure your tyre tread. Find out how to do this here. You should also keep an eye out for any obvious signs of damage to your tyres. A blow out on the motorway as a result of unnoticed damage is the last way anyone wants to start their Easter break. More information can be found on our tyre safety page here. And remember to check your car's spare tyre too.

What about the Wet?

Although the sun seems to finally be appearing – it's essential to regularly make sure your windscreen wipers are up to scratch. It's advised that wiper blades should be changed once a year as they are prone to wear over time. With the roads definitely getting busier this time of year the last thing you need on your exciting trip is impaired vision as you journey down the motorway.

The next most important element is your screen wash. Glaring low morning and evening sun can be blinding, but it only takes a spot of rain and a bit of dirty spray on busy roads to cause even more havoc with your vision. Keep your screen wash reservoir topped up at all times, and keep backup in the boot too. You'll find water alone won't clear oily road grime so using a good solution mixed with water is a sure way to help you out of any sticky situations.

Before you start up the engine and head off, remember to check your engine coolant level. There's always a risk of heavy traffic over the bank holiday weekends and an overheating car is easily avoidable. Always carry 2 litres of water in your vehicle just in case it does overheat.

Essential Travel Tips

There are other important elements you should check on your car before setting out on your journey. Give the oil dipstick a quick check before a long journey. You'll probably find everything is ok if your car service history is up to speed, but checking will help to identify if your car has high oil consumption. Such a symptom may indicate engine problems so it's worth checking regularly just to be sure. Visit your local Malvern Tyres Group Branch if you have any concerns about your car's oil consumption.

Make sure you also check all your lights and bulbs before setting off. Check the brake lights, side lights, indicators and main beams – as well as the number plate light too. Blown bulbs can be a big inconvenience and a safety hazard when driving at night; also it is an offence to drive at night without a number plate light working which could incur a fine. Be safe and check out all your vehicle lights before hitting the road.

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