Can run flat tyres be repaired?

8th August 2019

Punctures or flat tyres can often happen at the most inconvenient of times. As well as often meaning changing your tyre in a difficult, or sometimes even dangerous place, a flat tyre or puncture can ruin any driving plans you had that day! Yet, with run flat tyres, you can wave goodbye to dangerous roadside tyre changing. From explaining what run flat tyres are to what you should do when your run flat tyre has a puncture, find out more about the benefits these tyres can have for your vehicle today.

What are run flat tyres?

Run flat tyres are a type of tyre that, even once punctured, you can continue to drive on for a short period of time. This is usually recommended at a reduced speed for a limited number of miles (typically a maximum speed of 50mph and for a maximum of 50 miles). This is a functionality which has been made possible due to specifically reinforced sidewalls - meaning the sidewalls stay preserved while the outside of the tyre may have been punctured.

All vehicles that have run flat tyres must have a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) fitted. This is because it's often hard to tell when you've had a puncture if you're using run flat tyres. The TPMS will alert the driver that their run flat tyres need replacing.

Benefits of run flat tyres

Having run flat tyres means you can avoid replacing your tyre at the roadside, which can often be dangerous - especially if on a main road. Instead, it allows the driver time to drive to a safe area, a garage, or even to their home to change the tyre.

Another benefit of run flat tyres is that you may not need to carry a spare tyre in your boot. Not only does this increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle (due to not having a heavy tyre weighing down the vehicle), but you can relax safe in the knowledge that your run flat tyres are reliable in an emergency.

As a puncture is less likely to take out the entire tyre, driving on run flat tyres can also mean it's easier to keep in control of the vehicle when your tyre is punctured - meaning you can keep driving for longer.

What to do when you have a run flat tyre puncture

If your TPMS is indicating that you're losing tyre pressure, this could mean your run flat tyre has suffered a puncture. Your vehicle handbook will have information and specifications on the correct mileage and maximum speed limit to drive on your run flat tyres - so ensure you're clued up on this. It's important to stay within these limits and go to your local Tyre Group centre to have the tyre replaced.

It's also important to note that these tyres are not designed to keep functioning as normal once they've had a puncture. Although they can provide the driver with a period of time to continue driving on them safely, they should be replaced as soon as it's possible to drive to a garage.

Can you repair a run flat tyre?

It is not possible to repair run flat tyres. Instead, it's important to get your run flat tyres replaced as soon as possible. The reason why run flat tyres should not be replaced is due to their reinforced design - which means it can be difficult to identify any secondary damage which may have occurred as a result of the initial puncture. Due to the strength of the sidewall, the tyre may have incurred further damage which is often difficult to spot - meaning once punctured, it's likely the to overall structure and safety of the tyre has been compromised.

This means that the carrying out small repairs on run flat tyres can often be a waste of money - because the tyre may end up puncturing again in a few months' time. Therefore, completely replacing run flat tyres is recommended by manufacturers.

Here at The Tyre Group, our trained experts are on-hand to help you replace your run flat tyres if you've suffered a puncture. Find your nearest Tyre Group centre now without exceeding the maximum mileage, or search for your new tyres to buy online.

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