The Dangers of Part Worn Tyres

Buying part worn tyres may initially seem like a bargain as it is significantly cheaper than purchasing a set of new tyres, however, part worn tyres actually offer a false economy and could pose significant dangers on the road.

Are Part Worn Tyres Legal?

The sale of part worn tyres is legal in the UK, with the practise being highly regulated - it is an offence to sell tyres which do not meet strict government requirements. The guidelines surrounding part worn tyres demand that they are structurally sound, have at least 2mm of tread across the full breadth and whole circumference of the tyre, and bear the relevant markings to display that they are part worn.

Unfortunately, not all part worn tyres meet these classifications and the sale of these tyres is illegal. Even worse, TyreSafe found that 98% of part worn tyres are sold illegally and 34% offered for sale contained potentially life threatening defects*.

A False Economy

Part worn tyres, being second hand, are cheaper than new tyres but despite the initial saving these tyres actually offer less overall value than new tyres.

This is because you can expect a much longer tyre life from new tyres in comparison to part worn tyres. When you buy new tyres, they will have approximately 8mm of tread but part worn tyres could have as little as 2mm.

As well as significantly impacting your gripping capabilities and safety on the road, low tread depth equals a much lower tyre life. This means that part worn tyres will need to be replaced more frequently and therefore may add up to a more expensive option in the long run.

The Risks of Using Part Worn Tyres

The potential dangers of part worn tyres are usually invisible to the eye, which is what makes them such a risky choice. These dangers include:

  • Damage to the internal structure – Part worn tyres are not examined by x-ray prior to their sale so there may be unseen damage affecting the structural integrity of the tyre.
  • Unknown history – Unlike a second hand car, a second hand tyre does not come with a service history. They may have been driven on incorrect pressures, suffered damage or incorrectly repaired and you may not find this out until it’s too late!
  • Tread Depth – Part worn tyres could have as little as 2mm of tread which means that gripping capabilities will be reduced, increasing your braking distances and your risk of aquaplaning.

At The Tyre Group, we value the safety of our customers and we do not support the sale of part worn tyres due to the huge risks they pose.

We recommend buying new tyres for your vehicle and you can find a safe alternative to suit you and your budget online at The Tyre Group. Buy your tyres online and arrange a fitting at your local branch at a time to suit you.


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