Your battery is one of the most crucial components of your vehicle so it is important that you look after it. The majority of cases of vehicle failure are due to battery problems, especially during cold weather, so you should remember to have it checked every now and again.

Batteries do not require regular maintenance, however, as battery failure can occur with very little warning, it is important to get it checked if you do notice any small warning signs.

Battery acid is highly corrosive, so we recommend that you leave it to the experts to perform an inspection.

The Tyre Group offer a free battery health check and our team of specialists will be able to provide a comprehensive battery service and a new battery selection and fitting service if required.

How Do Batteries Work?

In basic terms, a battery provides a surge of electricity which enables all the electric components in your vehicle to work.

The battery enables the chemical reaction which is what puts your car in to action. Once the engine has turned over, the battery power is then replaced by that of the alternator, which supplies the electrical current to your vehicle’s electrical systems. This allows your battery to remain charged and to power in-car technology such as air conditioning, lights and radio.

Common Signs of Battery Failure

Car batteries can fail with very little warning, so if you do notice any of the following symptoms it is a good idea to take your battery to be checked.

  • The engine is slow to, or will not turn over
  • Your headlights are dim
  • Your ‘check battery’ warning light appears on your dashboard
  • Your battery casing looks swollen

How to Extend Battery Life

Take positive steps by following these simple guidelines and you can to extend the life of your battery and improve its performance.

  • Never allow the car battery to discharge completely
  • Apply battery grease to terminals to keep them free from corrosion
  • Ensure the car battery is firmly secured in its mounting and that all connections are fully tightened
  • Keep the car battery clean and dry at all times

If you have noticed any warning signs, or if your battery is over three years old you should take it to your local Tyre Group for your free battery health check.

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