Tyre Of The Month October: Dunlop Winter Sport 5

28th October 2018

This month we are naming the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 as tyre of the month. With impeccable grip for security and stability in even the most torrential conditions, the Winter Sport 5 offers a fuel-efficient defence against winter weather without sacrificing performance.

Supreme Lateral Grip

Designed using innovative angled center sipes, the Winter Sport 5 has all the gripping ability you will need for wet and uneven surfaces, ensuring lateral grip on slippery winter roads. The enhanced performance on snow-covered roads means that you can drive in confidence knowing your tyres are well equipped with super traction and stability all the way.

Innovative Tread Profile

For additional comfort and peace of mind, the Winter Sport 5 has deeper tread grooves to allow for optimal water dispersing for a reduced risk of aquaplaning. This combined with the flatter tread profile allowing for a larger contact patch means that you can drive knowing your vehicle is more stable and responsive than ever. Thanks to the even distribution of weight through the tyres, resulting in a lower rolling resistance, the Winter Sport 5 also offers incredible fuel efficiency.

Ready For Anything

Thanks to Dunlop?s multi blade system, you can be ready for anything this winter. With erratic conditions it can be hard to feel confident with your vehicle, but with a variety of blades for every type of road condition, you can rest assure that the Winter Sport 5 has got you covered. With a silica-plus compound for superb braking and acceleration performance, and directional tread design to see you through the wettest of drives, this tyre has everything you will need for the winter months.

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