Tyre of the month May - Cooper Zeon CS6

14th May 2015

Our tyre of the month this May has been chosen, and we've gone with the excellent qualities of the Zeon CS6 from Cooper Tyres.

Cooper Tyres are experts in the design and manufacture of high-performance tyres as well as specialist ultra-high performance tyres for the racing profession. After more than a century making tyres, Cooper boasts an expanding presence across worldwide markets and supply ultra-high performance tyres to leading motorsports teams too. Cooper tyres are designed to match the high specifications established by todays motor manufacturers: "Whether you are driving the high street or the motorway, the race track or the dirt track, feel free to rediscover the liberating experience of motoring, under control." Cooper Tyres

What Makes the CS6 great?

Silica Compound

The Cooper Zeon CS6 is a high performance, summer passenger car tyre. It has been specifically designed to excel in temperatures above 7°C and is therefore made of a bespoke silica tread compound. This means the CS6 can live up to consumer expectations and offer the very high performance characteristics of a Cooper summer tyre. The compound also contributes to the 12% longer tread wear than the predecessor of the C6.

Wet Grip

The CS6 offers enhanced wet grip in comparison to other Cooper summer tyres. This gives drivers exceptional control in their braking and handling abilities. The asymmetric rib tread pattern also gives the tyre excellent water clearing properties, which contributes to the exceptional control.

Asymmetric Rib Tread Pattern

The asymmetric 'Rib' Tread Pattern included in the design of the C6, ensures this tyre achieves even and balanced tread wear. In turn this increases tyre longevity. The tread design also contributes to the optimisation in noise generation, meaning this tyre proves to offer a quiet and comfortable ride.

Tyre Construction

Lighter in weight compared to its predecessor, the up-rated tyre construction, as seen in the cross section diagram included, gives the Zeon CS6 lower rolling resistance. This contributes to the sharp handling and also makes this tyre very fuel efficient. Another benefit of the tyre's construction is the inclusion of functional rim flange protectors. Included on all sizes of this tyre, this addition helps to protect alloys against kerb damage and maximise the strength and longevity of your tyres.

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