Tyre of the Month January: Continental Winter Contact TS850

25th January 2019

And this month, we welcome the Continental Winter Contact TS850 to the Tyre of the Month club! No longer do we need to worry about skidding over slushy surfaces or battling against our tyres in the midst of a snow storm - this tyre is the reliable, easy way to ensure you stay safe on the roads this winter.

Reliable improved braking

Who would say no to shorter braking distances in wet weather? Designed with a unique compound to effectively grip all tough road surfaces, this tyre is the essential partner to your vehicle this winter. Stop faster and slow down safer, all with the outstanding braking performance of this tyre.

Stable driving in every weather condition

Take to the roads in whatever harsh conditions January has in store for you - this tyre can handle it. With a unique design, this winter tyre is the perfect accompaniment to your vehicle this month, designed to withstand extreme conditions while still performing with perfect handling and grip. Always feel comfortably in control of your vehicle, regardless of what the weather has to throw at you.

An economical winter tyre

Not only is this tyre great for battling against the elements, its economical features make it the perfect purchase for this season. Find extended mileage and a further reduction in rolling resistance in this Continental tyre, making it more cost efficient and eco-friendly.

So if you're sold on a tyre that can protect you when you need it most while keeping your mileage and fuel costs low, why not buy this winter tyre yourself? Buy the Continental Winter Contact TS850 online today from The Tyre Group.

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