Tyre Launch - Pirelli Connesso and Coloured Tyres

2nd May 2017

At the Geneva Motorshow 2017 Pirelli brought forward two exciting tyre innovations: coloured tyres and the Pirelli Connesso, the tyre monitoring system that offers warnings and assistance via an app.

The Coloured Edition

Available for pre-order in North America as well as key markets in Europe and the Far East, Pirelli coloured tyres are a bold and striking addition to the tyre market. Available in red, silver, yellow or white as well as having the option to ‘customise’ and choose from a huge range of shades, Pirelli coloured tyres are designed to be noticed.

The option of adding colour is currently only available on two Pirelli tyre models including the P Zero and Winter Sottozero, which have been re-engineered with innovative materials and protection systems to guarantee vivid and durable colours.

Coloured tyres have been used in motorsports racing for a number of years, however, this is the first time that they have been brought to the mass market. Pirelli claim that the decision to create a coloured edition available for public sale was made in response to the increasing demand for personalisation from prestige and premium clients.

The Pirelli coloured editions will be available for vehicle manufacturers including Pagani, Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche and Bentley from summer 2017. The tyre will later be expanded to other premium models from top manufacturers.

Pirelli Connesso

The Pirelli Connesso, which will be available in the United States from summer 2017, is an intelligent tyre which provides tyre information to the driver via an app, thanks to a sensor embedded in the internal wall of the tyre. This sensor is light in weight and does not effect of the performance of the tyre.

The sensor works to continuously measure the status of each tyre and this data is then sent to a centralised control unit and the Pirelli Cloud where it is processed and conveyed to the app for the driver to read.

The sensor will monitor and communicate vital tyre information including tyre pressure, temperature, tread wear, estimated remaining life and vertical load. This innovative platform can be integrated to either the P Zero or Winter Sottozero tyre models and will be also available as a coloured edition.

Pre-order coloured edition Pirelli tyres online from Pirelli.

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