Tyre Launch - ContiCrossContact ATR

10th April 2017

ContiCrossContact ATR

Providing 4x4 drivers with access all areas, the ContiCrossContact ATR has been redesigned by Continental for high on and off-road performance. This premium 4x4 summer tyre provides motorists with the ability to take on any type of terrain with confidence, making it the ideal tyre choice for adventurous drivers.

Excellent Traction On and Off-Road

Engineered with Continental’s innovative TractionPlus+ Technology, the ContiCrossContact ATR has been designed to provide high levels of traction no matter the terrain. A maximised contact patch area works to enable more of the tyre to retain contact with the surface of the road for better control and handling. In addition, specially positioned traction grooves prevent loose surface from sliding, resulting in enhanced grip.

Superior Braking Capabilities

Thanks to its enhanced polymer structure, the ContiCrossContact ATR offers short braking distances in wet and dry conditions, resulting in enhanced driving safety. Furthermore, this tyre is optimised to provide a safe drive in wet weather as it is designed to evacuate water rapidly from the tyre tread, so grip and traction are not affected when conditions are wet.

Quiet and Durable

The ContiCrossContact ATR features noise blockers which have been specially engineered to provide reduced road noise for a smooth and quiet drive. In addition, its optimised tread design works to minimise stone retention and resist cuts and chips for a long and durable tyre life.

The ContiCrossContact ATR looks to be one of the best 4x4 tyres on the market this summer, providing both high levels of comfort and safety for on and off-road driving.

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