Which tyres are right for you? All Season or Winter Tyres?

3rd November 2016

Vehicles are usually fit with summer tyres by the manufacturer and these provide a superior performance in temperatures above 7°C but they do not achieve an optimal performance in cold conditions. For this reason some motorists choose to replace their tyres with either all season tyres, which can be used all year round, or with dedicated winter tyres. Winter tyres will need to be changed back over in spring time or when temperatures reach a consistent average of 7°C or higher.

Take a look at our guide to see if winter or all season tyres may be a better option for you this winter.

All Season Tyres

What are all season tyres?

All season tyres are tyres that have been created using a combination of winter and summer tyre technology, so that they can offer an adequate performance all year round. Whilst they do not excel in either summer or winter conditions, they provide safety in all seasons and will usually be capable of offering traction in winter conditions like snow and ice.

What are the benefits of all season tyres?

All season tyres provide adequate performance in hot temperatures, wet weather and in light winter conditions, meaning that you will normally not need to swap them when conditions change.

Whilst they cannot offer the same performance as dedicated seasonal tyres, all season tyres will offer a more reliable drive in summer than winter tyres can and they will be safer in winter conditions than summer tyres would. This means that they are a perfect compromise for motorists who do not have the storage for an extra set of tyres.

What are the drawbacks of all season tyres?

Unlike season specific tyres, all season tyres are designed to cope with a range of varying conditions, so they simply cannot provide the same levels of performance as summer or winter tyres.

Whilst ideal for areas that see little temperature change or urban environments, all season tyres may struggle in more rural areas that experience heavy snowfall and temperatures that drop below -5°C.

Winter Tyres

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres have been constructed using special technology to provide high levels of safety in freezing temperatures, snow fall and icy conditions. They usually feature a large amount of sipes which funnel snow away from the tyre tread to provide enhanced grip on winter surfaces and more grooves than summer tyres to offer traction on ice and snow.

What are the benefits of winter tyres?

The main benefit of using winter tyres is safety, as they provide shorter braking distances and offer enhanced gripping capabilities on snow and ice covered roads when compared to summer or all season tyres.

In addition, winter tyres are constructed using a specialist winter compound which allows them to stay supple at cold temperatures. This means that they retain grip and can prevent skidding on icy roads.

What are the drawbacks of winter tyres?

Some motorists are reluctant to purchase winter tyres as they do not have the storage to keep a spare set of tyres.

Which Tyres Should I Buy?

Before you purchase winter or all season tyres, you should consider your requirements to decide which are more suited for your needs.

Choose all season tyres if:

  • You currently use summer or all season tyres all year round
  • You do not have storage for a second set of tyres
  • Temperatures do not fall below -5°C where you live
  • You tend to mainly drive in urban areas

Choose winter tyres if:

  • You expect a premium performance in winter conditions
  • You experience cold temperatures and extreme winter conditions where you live
  • You can store two sets of tyres
  • You drive in rural areas

Find out more about winter and all season tyres with our helpful guides. For further guidance on seasonal tyres or if you have any other queries, contact your local Tyre Group branch.

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