Budget or Premium Tyres

One of the choices you may face when buying new tyres is whether to choose budget or premium manufacturer tyres. Before making your decision, you should think about the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing either and consider which is best suited to your driving style, vehicle requirements and budget.

Budget Tyres

Budget tyres are significantly cheaper than premium manufacturer tyres and are usually made by manufacturers that you may not have heard of before. The cheaper price tag matches both the materials used to create the tyre and the research and testing which has gone in to them.

Budget tyres will be manufactured to meet certain safety requirements by UK law and they are subject to testing and checks, so they are of a certain quality standard, however, they will not be able to match the performance and safety offered by premium manufacturer tyres.

Premium Tyres

Premium tyres are created by well-known tyre manufacturers who boast long histories and excellent reputations within the industry, such as Pirelli and Continental. Premium tyres are generally more expensive than budget tyres, however, they offer high standards when it comes to safety and performance on the road.

Due to the fact that these premium manufacturers are in direct competition with each other, tyre standards consistently rise as they race to create more innovative tyres. Premium tyres are subject to meticulous testing and will be created using high quality materials and components.


When it comes to performance, premium manufacturer tyres rank much higher than budget tyres. This is because the rubber and compound used in premium tyres tend to be of a higher quality and this enhances the tyres contact with the surface of the road enhancing aquaplaning resistance, braking ability and handling properties.

Take a look at this Pirelli video to see more about the different levels of performance that premium and budget tyres offer:


Initially, budget tyres may seem to be the option that represents best value for money, however, budget tyres tend to have shorter lifespans than premium tyres and may need to be replaced more frequently. This could ultimately add up to a greater cost than simply purchasing premium manufacturer tyres outright.

It is important to remember, however, that both premium and budget tyres will live for longer if you maintain them correctly. For this reason, you should get in to the habit of frequently checking your tyres.

EU Tyre Label

It may also be helpful to use the EU Tyre Label if you are struggling to decide between premium and budget tyres. The EU Tyre Label grades tyres based on their performance in the following areas: wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise levels.

You can easily compare tyres based upon these ratings and this can help you to purchase a tyre that best suits your requirements. Learn more about the EU Tyre Label here.

Which Tyres Should I Choose?

You should base your decision between premium and budget tyres upon your driving requirements rather than the initial cost.

If you…

  • Tend to drive long distances
  • Frequently drive in rural areas
  • Expect high levels of driving performance
  • Demand a long life from your tyres

You should consider buying premium tyres for your vehicle.

If you…

  • Usually drive shorter distances
  • Predominately drive in urban areas
  • Desire a smaller initial cost

You should consider buying budget tyres for your vehicle.

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